Facts You Need To Know About Callum Von Moger a.k.a.Schwarzenegger 2.0
10/18/2017 12:32:54 AM
Cameron Kamsa - Fourth Estate Contributor

Victoria, Australia (4E) - Callum Von Moger is set to play to play the role as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the upcoming movie, "Bigger" which is about bodybuilding. With that being said, who is Callum? Does he have the physique and charisma to play Arnold? Here are some facts that you need to know about him:

Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Callum was born on June 9, 1990 in Victoria, Austria, making him a Gemini who is compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.


Callum is of Austrian and Dutch ancestry. He grew up in a farm in Victoria, Australia with both of his parents and five siblings.

Arnold's Lookalike

Aside from having the same Austrian ancestry like Arnold, Callum is called "Schwarzenegger 2.0" because of his massive size and facial features that similar to Arnold which is a hot debate from fans.

Body Measurements (to date)

His height is 6'2." As for his body, he's 255-260 lbs. (122 kg) during the off-season and 235 lbs. (113-115 kg) during the on-season.

Start of His Career

Callum started lifting weights at the age of 14 with his older brother. Back then, he wanted to copy (and beat) his brother. According to him, they used to break in to a local warehouse and use the weights stored there. It was in 2010 when he entered his first competition (no information what place he ranked).

However, in 2011, he won first place on both events: the NABBA Junior International Championships (May), and the Junior Mr. Universe (June).

His Highest Achievement (to date)

His highest achievement in his bodybuilding career is when he won first place in the PRO - WFF / NABBA Mr. Universe back in 2014 in South Korea.

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